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Sony RX1R II camera time to market determine the best picture quality

In October 2015, officially released to the public on its high-end compact camera RX1R its second-generation models. You can say this camera is the same type of products which are very unique existence, RX1R II is not only the continuation of the previous generation of the full-frame sensor, but also for users, this camera really brings a wide range of performance improvement. Although a variety of reasons there has been an extension of this camera market, but the good news is that a few days ago has confirmed that it will begin shipping on February 19.


RX1R II uses a 42.4 million pixel Exmor R sensor, 2.4 million-pixel XGA OLED electronic viewfinder can pop, 35mm f / 2.0 ZEISS Sonnar T * fixed lens, 399 phase to focus, and an adjustable low-pass filter. In the current camera market, we can say it is absolutely the existence of black science and technology in general.

RX1R II now in some of the major online retailers started the pre-order, with respect to its price is also set to $ 3,298. If just from a compact camera is, RX1R II is indeed very expensive, but excellent image quality on its also really be regarded as a good value for money, especially for those who need a whole class of non-SLR medium format camera for users.

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