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1Password for Android update adds fingerprint unlock, new Material Design aesthetic


The popular password manager 1Password just got a big update that will make it play nicely with ’s latest features.

If you have a Nexus 6P or 5X you can now unlock the app with your fingerprint, which is a feature that AgileBits long supported on devices. This only works on phones running , so other phones with fingerprint scanners will need to upgrade their software before you can use it with them.

1password fingerprint unlock AgileBits Blog

Fingerprint unlock will add an extra layer of to all your stored passwords.

AgileBits also was happy to promote that 1Password is more consistent with Android’s Material Design aesthetic, thanks to a significant makeover. All key elements of the app look far better and no longer appear to be a relic of bygone design eras.

1password material design AgileBits Blog

1Password now looks like it belongs on Android thanks to a Material Design refresh.

If you’re using 1Password for Teams, the Android app now allows you to manage the details of your team account. Support is in beta, so expect a few hiccups if you’re going to check this out. AgileBits says the app has a large number of other improvements, such as improved Wi-Fi sync and refreshed icons for categories and other key settings.

A basic account with 1Password is free, with premium options available in a variety of bundles depending upon which platforms you use. You can get 1Password 6 for Android from the Google Play Store.

Why this matters: One day we may not have to deal with passwords, but such a future may be a ways off. In the meantime you really ought to use a password manager for better account . While Dashlane is currently a favorite, the bottom line is that any of the top password managers like 1Password or LastPass are preferable to no solution at all.

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