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Bing for Android overhauled with splashy interface and more local suggestions


is pretty tightly wrapped up with search, but that hasn’t keep from trying to make an attractive option.

The latest update overhauls the interface, which matches a similar redesign recently undertaken by the iOS version. The trademark image of the day is still there, complete with information about where it was taken and an option to download the photo to your gallery.

But this version of Bing wants to be even friendlier, with a “near me” option that pulls up restaurants, gas stations, coffee shops, and a few coupons that may save you some cash.

bing around me

Bing will find you restaurants, coffee shops, and throw in a few coupons.

There’s also a dedicated section for , restaurants, and image search. Just like on the desktop site you’ll find quite a bit of news, with a clean interface that hopes will encourage you to spend time in the app.

bing android

Bing for offers up news and search suggestions to help you stick around longer.

If you want the full benefits you should sign in with your Microsoft account in order to connect your Bing Rewards, which offers you goodies over time as you search for topics on Bing.

The update to Bing for Android is available now in the Play Store.

Why this matters: Microsoft keeps plugging away at Bing. It does have some pretty nice features with its image gallery and local suggestions if you want to break out of the Google mold. If you’re on Android you of course get the best experience by going with Google search and , but it’s always worth it to keep an eye on the other lawn in case the grass does turn out to be greener one day.

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