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Skype adds call scheduling and seamless Office integration to Android app


is adding more handy capabilities to its app following the recent addition of Slack integration. The latest roll out includes the ability to schedule a call using Outlook or your calendar app of choice. Managing Office documents in a chat are also getting easier with a new feature that lets you open files in the corresponding Office for app.

The impact on you at home: ’s new call scheduling is not the same as the recent addition to Outlook for and that allows you to schedule a Skype call with the flick of a button. That option automatically creates a link that allows invitees to launch Skype and enter the conversation. The new Skype feature, by comparison, simply blocks off time in your calendar and pops up as a regular agenda notification.


Skype can now send you straight to your calendar to block off time for a call.

To use the new call scheduling feature, open Skype for Android, tap on the contact you’d like to schedule a call reminder for. Then, in the conversation view, tap the three vertical dots menu option in the upper right corner and select “Schedule a call” from the drop down menu.

This will open a new event entry in your calendar app that you can then save.

Open Office Documents

The ability to open Office Documents in Skype is very straightforward. When someone shares an Office document with you in Skype’s IM function, all you have to do is tap it and once it’s downloaded it will open in the appropriate Office app.

If you don’t have the Office apps installed, you’ll see instructions on how to download and install the apps.

The new version of Skype is available now from Google Play.

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