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wowbox apk Download

is your new way to stay tuned in, have fun, earn and get great deals on data packs and rewards. It’s made for Bangladesh, in Bangladesh. is available for customers only. WowBox is free to download and free* to use.
As a prepaid customer you get the ultimate WowBox experience and full range of benefits! In addition to browsing the full range of daily updates of news, lifestyle tips, sports and happenings, fun readings like horoscopes, jokes and competitions – you can claim every day, get special offers and rewards, and buy discounted data plans and products.

Additionally – For everything you buy in the app, data packages, SMS packages, or other products – you earn tokens. Tokens can be saved and used to get data packages from Grameenphone in WowBox when you have earned enough of them.

Looking for more details? Here is how it works:

1. Browse the content on your homepage.

The WowBox homepage is your starting point to explore everything in the app. Scroll down to see the hottest and newest deals, news, party events, play games, read blogs and more!
The homepage aggregates some of the hottest items in all categories. Tap on any item to read more about it. If you would like to view all items from one particular category, you can find the dedicated page from the menu in the top left corner.

2. Claim your daily free data (prepaid only)

Scroll down on the homepage until you find the “exclusive offer” free data and click it. Follow the direction on the next screen.

3. Buy (prepaid only)

Do you need a top-up to do some surfing outside of WowBox, stream some music or watch the latest videos on Facebook? If you are a prepaid customer, you can top up directly from WowBox. Find the card with the package you need, open it and choose if you want to spend money from your prepaid account or from your token balance.
If you want to use tokens you need to have a balance of more tokens than the package costs. Click on the button with your preference, confirm that you want to buy the package and you will see the confirmation that your request is being processed. You will also receive an SMS from Grameenphone confirming the activation2015-08-31_151959 of your .


4. Earn and spend tokens

Every time you purchase something inside WowBox, for instance a data package or an SMS package, you will earn some tokens. You can see your token balance in the top right corner on the homepage, and also in the menu page. When you have enough tokens you can use these to redeem data packages – instead of spending your takas! The more you buy, the more you will earn.
When you tap on a data package you will see there is an option to redeem the package using tokens. Click on the button that states the price in tokens and from there the process is the same as for buying a package with takas. In the end you will get a confirmation SMS from Grameenphone that your data package is being activated.

Download link :http://www.558app.com/android/wowbox-for-grameenphone.html