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New Moto X leaks offer peek of all-metal body design

Lenovo is putting its own stamp on the newly acquired line of smartphones. A couple of recent leaks show that an upcoming X has an all-metal build, which would be a stark departure from the colorful design choices available in Maker.

The images displayed by French site nowhereelse.fr, which has scored a number of leaks of recent, show an all-metal back and a front that includes a squarish home button and what looks like two other software keys. The camera is more dominant, with very noticeable “” branding. This could just be another choice inside of Maker designed to give another level of customization.

As for the Droid line, which is a Verizon-branded exclusive, there’s an even more stark departure from the usual black-and-red styling. A leaked picture offers a phone with a multi-colored landscape on the back.

droid ranbow nowhereelse.fr

This might be part of a goal to give the Droid a broader appeal, as the phone has always had a very particular personality with deep blacks and an angry robot speaking “Drooooid” when you launch the phone.

Why this matters: Now that Moto is under the auspices of Lenovo, this will be our first look at how the company will use the classic brand. It appears the plan is to keep with the Moto X and Droid lines, but make some style and hardware tweaks to appeal more broadly to other buyers. 

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