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Zip! Pow! Google shows off Android Instant Apps that load without installation

App installations are so five minutes ago. At Wednesday’s I/O keynote, the company showed off Instant —apps that run without even being installed.

The demo was a “sneak peek” at a feature that will be rolled out over the next year, according to Ellie Powers, group product manager on the team. It won’t even require N—it will work all the way back to older JellyBean phones; the onstage demo was performed with a phone running

“We want to make it easier for users and developers to connect,” Powers said. “For users to access a wider range of , and for developers to reach more people. With the Web, you can just click on a link and land on a webpage. That’s one click, and land in a few seconds. What if you could run any app on one tap? That’s what we’re working on.”

If someone sends you a link to an app—Powers used Tasty as an example—clicking the link will take you right into the app itself—without installing it. Play will fetch only the piece of the app that Android needs, right now. The app was able to open so fast because it was split into modules, she said, and downloaded only what was necessary. Users are also presented with an opportunity to formally install the app itself, later.

Powers also showed off how the technology could be used with shopping. She looked for a camera bag on a page of search results, and the resulting link actually loaded a simple app authored by B&H. The app is even already signed in, so that the user doesn’t even have to enter a credit card.

android instant apps parking app

“It’s going to take me two taps, not two minutes,” Powers said.

Powers even showed off a parking app where she could simply tap the phone against a parking meter and the NFC tag could load the appropriate parking app. “All I have to do is choose how long to park,” she said. “I’m  already done.”

Developers simply need to modularize their apps to get them to work, Powers said. It could take less than a day of work. What Powers didn’t talk about, however, was whether there will be security protections built in, or how consumers will be able to avoid loading apps that are pushed upon them by spammers or other bad actors.

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