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Here’s what Android apps will be like on Chromebooks

Last month, at ’s annual I/O developers conference, the company announced it would add the Store into Chrome OS, allowing Chrome OS users to download and run on their Chromebooks. A video published to the Developers YouTube channel on Friday gives us a closer look. 

The 23-minute video provides an overview of how work in the Chrome OS universe (jump to around the five-minute mark to get to the heart of the matter). In the presentation, Google stressed how seamlessly Android work on Chrome OS: For example, Android app notifications will appear as Chrome OS notifications in the lower right corner of the screen.

Of course, there are reasons why you may not want to run an Android app on your . As Engadget points out, Android apps on a that lacks a decent touchscreen probably won’t be very fun to use. It’s also worth noting that not all Chromebooks will gain support for Android apps.

Android app support for Chrome OS won’t arrive until this fall. In the meantime, though, if you want to toy around with Android apps on Chrome OS, you can try out Google’s ARC Welder tool and run Android apps on your that way. It’s a development tool, and it doesn’t work quite as smoothly as what Google demonstrated at I/O, but it’ll give you a feel for what’s coming.

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