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Moto Mods for the Moto Z won’t be cheap, with costs ranging from $69 to $299

A pair of sharp eyes spotted the pricing for the first batch of Moto Mods. They’re the custom modular add-ons that will add an extra battery, set of speakers, or even a projector with a simple snap onto the Moto Z. According to 9to5 the pricing, discovered inside of My Verizon app, breaks down as follows:

JBL SoundBoost – $80Insta-Share Projector – $299Kate Spade New York Style Shell – $70TUMI Style Shell – $70TUMI Power Pack – $90TUMI Wireless Charging Power Pack – $100

They’re not cheap, which keeps in line with how went to great lengths to proclaim the newest phone and its set of modules as a feat of precise design and engineering. 

moto mods insta share projector

However, there’s some good news for your wallet. According to , you’ll get two years of free, full-size Photos storage with your purchase. It’s a nice perk, as currently full-size backup without compressed images will eat into your Drive storage.

It’s not uncommon to see offers like this, as both the LG G5 and HTC 10 give you 100GB of Google Drive for two years. 

Why this matters: The Moto Z line has a lot going for it, though the main downside is the first phone out of the gate is going to be an exclusive to Verizon. An unlocked Moto Z is coming eventually, though it’s unclear right now if you’ll get the same offer. 

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