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T-Mobile halts free pizzas after Domino’s giveaway leaves some customers hungry

Update: T- CEO John Legere has stated that the free pizza giveaway prompted some Domino’s locations to see 3x to 4x their average daily volume. The free pizza deliveries are suspended indefinitely; next week’s T- Tuesday replaces it with a free $15 Lyft ride.

The original post published on 6/15/16 and appears in full below.

Everybody loves free stuff, and that goes doubly so—maybe even quadruply so—when you put the word ‘free’ in front of the word ‘pizza,’ which T- did on Tuesday. During the company’s second T- Tuesday free giveaway, many customers ended up crusty after being burned when their local Domino’s rejected their redemption code.

As with all giveaways, a company is only willing to throw so much free product out their doors. Faster than you could say “cancel my account,” many Domino’s pizza locations reached their freebie capacity, as Police pointed out. Both pizza freebie recipients and those who were left paying for their own pies like a sucker took to Twitter on Tuesday.

T-Mobile executives including CEO John Legere and COO Mike Sievert encouraged those without pizzas to try another Domino’s location, but most were just plain out of luck.

Luck, however, was definitely with many others especially if they had multiple lines in their home. You see, T-Mobile Tuesday giveaways happen on a per-line basis, which meant some families were cleaning up with multiple free pizzas. Others, however, complained that they could only redeem 1 pizza per family.

The story behind the story: This is the second mild snafu to hit T-Mobile’s freebie fest. During inaugural T-Mobile Tuesday on June 7, the company’s app that delivers redemption codes was overwhelmed on the server side and couldn’t keep up with the demand. Things should get better as T-Mobile learns what to expect in terms of demand for its weekly giveaways.

For now, however, you can probably expect the competition to be fierce on future free pizza nights.

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