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Android TV’s universal search feature finally works with Netflix

’s helpful search feature now digs into the vault to find what you’re looking for.

Search is usually at the heart of -built products, so the inability to apply that to stood out, especially since similar search capabilities worked with on Apple and Roku devices.

’s screenshots indicate you’ll see a card with details about the show and the ability to launch it inside of the Netflix app. It appears this could be a server-side switch, since there’s no update at this time for the Netflix Android TV app. 

The story behind the story: Android TV is Google’s lesser-known effort to win over your television. Google’s hardware went in two different directions: the Chromecast has been a successful seller and spurred a second iteration, while the company recently killed off its Nexus Player. The plan going forward is to focus on third-party hardware like the Nvidia Shield and companies like Sony that are building Android TV into their televisions.

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