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SwiftKey Beta saves your copied text in new clipboard feature

Copying and pasting text is hard enough on a device. It’s even worse when you have to go and grab the same information again

SwiftKey wants to help. The latest beta of the popular keyboard now debuts a clipboard that can save text copied on your smartphone for later use. It saves any snippets you copied for an hour, or you can tell the keyboard to remember important clips you want to keep for a longer period of time. 

Swiftkey also says you can add emails and addresses you regularly use. Additionally, the company says there won’t be any interference with ’s native copy and paste functionality.

If you want to check it out, grab the SwiftKey Beta from the Store.

Why this matters: Now that SwiftKey is the property of (hence the @outlook.com email address in the screenshot) there’s good indication the team is still trying to keep pace in the keyboard race. We recently gave Keyboard the nod as the tops in this department, but you still can’t go wrong with all the customization options and extendability of SwiftKey.

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