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Android N name revealed: It’s Nougat

Updated 7/1/16:  will be version 7.0. 

After months of calling the next release simply “ N,” has finally settled on a name.

The company revealed on its Snapchat channel and Twitter, which included uncovering the latest statue to grace the campus. 

Google names its Android versions after what it calls “sweet treats.” Though the first two releases had no corresponding name, the early 1.5 release was named “Cupcake.” From there, each new version of Android takes on the name of some sort of sweet food, each name beginning with the next letter of the alphabet. After Cupcake came Donut, then Eclair, all the way through corporate-sponsored “KitKat” (version 4.4), and last year’s “Marshmallow” (6.0).

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What is Nougat, anyway?

Google detailed that the official version number for Nougat is 7.0. You’ll see it at the end of one of the company’s happy promotional videos.

Nougat is currently in beta and expected for release this fall. What is nougat, exactly? 

It’s part of a family of confections that are made with roasted nuts, sugar, honey, whipped egg whites, and usually chopped, candied fruit. It’s particularly popular in India, the birthplace of Google CEO Sundar Pichai. Here in the U.S., it’s typically one of the ingredients in a larger candy bar (like Snickers or 3 Musketeers).

Any guesses on what Android O will be?

Read all about it

Wondering what’s coming to your phones when they get the Android Nougat update? You can start with this gallery showing some of the latest features in the preview. 

Then, stop by this list of features from Google I/O; it gives you a good idea of what to expect out of Google’s latest OS.

Too much for you? How about a quick tour of our 5 favorite features.

Want to try it out yourself on your Nexus phone or tablet? It’s still in beta, and there may be some problems, but you can easily install the public beta.

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