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Google is dropping the Local Guides Drive reward from 1TB to 100GB

If you’re closing in on level four with ’s Local Guides program, it’s time to step on the gas.

That’s because after July 21, the offer of free Drive storage drops from 1TB to 100GB. The unfortunate notice came in one of the regular emails to contributors about the program.

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As the message indicates, you have a little bit of time to still cash in the 1TB, but that requires 200 points in the Local Guide rankings, which requires a lot of reviews, , and other contributions.

There was a little bit of good news, however. The notice offered details about deeper integration between Google and , so you can easily attach your images to a place you’ve visited.

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You’ll need to enable location history to make this happen, which you can always turn off if this starts to feel a little too creepy.

The impact on you: Reducing storage offers unfortunately isn’t new, as Microsoft irked some customers recently over scaling back how much free space it offers through OneDrive. It’s hard to imagine Google running out of space, but it’s possible the program got so popular the company didn’t want to give out too much free room inside of its cloud.

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