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Chase finally signs on with Android Pay

The wait is finally over if you’ve been pining for your Chase cards to work with .

Chase just launched a dedicated site that details which of the many different debit and credit cards can now can be plugged into your app. The list includes Chase debit, debit, Slate, Freedom, and and the various rewards cards the bank offers. To get started, grab your card and follow our guide to set-up Android Pay.

Even if you don’t use Chase, there’s some good news for you. Google announced that you’ll soon be able to use Android Pay to complete your purchase on sites like Groupon or 1-800-Flowers.com.

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This will save you from searching for your card, and will be more secure than Chrome’s existing ability to save your credit card information since no card numbers are actually transferred in the process. It’s a great idea, but just like with Android Pay it may take a while for it to catch on with major retailers.

The impact on you: The addition of Chase leaves leaves Capital One as the last of the big credit bureaus that hasn’t signed on yet, though the Android Pay site lists it as “coming soon.” The biggest challenge going forward lies in the payment experience itself, as often times I’ve found terminals to be slow and inconsistent when trying to use Android Pay. It’s still faster in many cases to just whip out your card and pay instead of tapping your phone five times without success.

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