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Google is giving out $50 in Play Store credit to Pixel buyers with lengthy shipping delays

Getting your hands on a has turned out to be a challenging task. Many versions of the phone have been sold out at the Store since launch, and those who pre-ordered one have had to wait past their expected shipping date.

To try and make amends, is reportedly giving out $50 in Play Store money to affected customers. They have taken to + and Reddit to share details of the email, which promises the credit once the phone arrives.

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As of Tuesday, all XL models are still sold out at the Google Store. If you’re a Verizon customer, you may want to hit up Big Red in person and see what’s in stock as the are sold carrier unlocked and with only three pre-installed apps that can be removed (the bootloader is locked, however). 

There’s also been a scramble by the carriers to offer the best deal on the Pixel. T- will give you $325 if you bring your Pixel over to its network, while Verizon recently began giving a 20 percent discount to those who use the promo code “SAVE20” at checkout. However, some buyers have been unable to validate it if they’re receiving a corporate discount, so you may want to check with customer service before taking the plunge.

The impact on you: If you’re one of the unlucky few who is waiting for your pre-ordered Pixel from Google, then this $50 gift may show up in your inbox soon. If you haven’t bought one yet, your options may be limited, especially if interest grows with the approaching holiday season.

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