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LG leaks seemingly reveal G6, co-designed Google watches

Update 1/27/17: CNET has released additional information about the G6. This article has been updated to reflect this news.

With the World Congress show just about a month away, are starting to ramp up, but we might have already seen the biggest leak of all. With bowing out of MWC to fine-tune the S8 a little longer, the star of this year’s show might very well be the G6, and the first purported partial image of the new handset is already in the wild.

The Verge has published what appears to be an official product shot of the G6, and it looks like it’s going to be a stunner. As expected, the handset features narrower bezels than the G5 and a 5.7-inch Quad HD LCD screen with a unique super-wide 2:1 ratio. According to the site, the phone will dispense of the modular chin that the G5 introduced, focusing instead on turning heads with an all-glass design.

Elsewhere, the phone is expected to retain the 3.5mm headphone jack and be waterproof, while retaining the G5’s dual-camera setup and rear-mounted fingerprint scanner, since there won’t be room for it on the front. The Verge reports that the G6’s screen-to-bezel ratio “is greater than 90 percent, and though its bottom isn’t shown in the image, it’s only slightly taller than the top bezel.”

In a separate report, CNET claims that in addition to ditching the modular concept for the G6, will completely seal the phone as it promotes full water resistance. That also means the battery will not be removable this time around, previously one of the standout features of ’s flagships. Additionally, the publication confirms that the phone will be powered by the Snapdragon 821 rather than the upcoming 835, which is reportedly launching with the S8 in April.

One bright spot for the G6, according to CNET, will be support for Assistant, which would make the handset one of the first phones other than the Pixel to include ’s digital helper. ’s U Ultra is including is own assistant called Companion (though the company does have plans to incorporate Assistant at some point), and Huawei’s Mate 9 opted to partner with Amazon to include Alexa. CNET also reports that LG will be adding Alexa into the G6 “later this year.” 

lg sport style leak TechnoBuffalo

Also leaking on the LG front are low-resolution pics of what could very well be the 2.0 smartwatches the company co-developed with . TechnoBuffalo has published a pair of images that match up pretty well with the so far—two sizes, circular displays, a crown, a bit of chunkiness—but it’s hard to glean much else. It was previously reported that the larger model would feature a 1.38-inch display and sport a 480×480 screen, with the smaller Style having a 1.2-inch, 360×360 display.

Most notably, the larger Sport model pictured includes a pair of buttons above and below the crown, while the smaller Style watch does not. Previously, it had been reported that the larger model would include cellular connectivity, GPS, and NFC, so the buttons could be used for Pay or some other feature not available on the Style.

Why this matters: While nothing is confirmed, the images here look like LG is going to seriously shake things up with its upcoming releases. While we’ll need to see the watches in person to get a true feel for them, the image of the G6 looks like a massive improvement over last year’s model, and with pushing its Galaxy S8 launch back, LG could be in a position to capitalize with an early sales boost. That would be good news for the company, as last year’s flagships failed to resonate much with consumers.

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