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In Verizon’s wake, T-Mobile adds hotspot data, HD video streaming to unlimited data plans

T- under CEO John Legere doesn’t like to cede the spotlight to a rival carrier. True to form, T- struck back at ’s new unlimited plan late Monday as the “un-carrier” announced new features to bring its unlimited plan in line with ’s.

The new features to T-’s unlimited plan, dubbed T- One, include a monthly allowance of 10GB for hotspot over LTE. After hitting the 10GB limit, T- drops hotspot users down to 3G speeds. T- also added HD video streaming quality. Previously, video streams on T- One were limited to 480p resolution—standard definition.

Pricing for a single line isn’t changing despite the new features. It’s still $70 per month, including extra charges and fees. But if you need more than one line T-Mobile will soon charge $100 per month (taxes and fees included) for a pair, instead of the current $120 per month. That’s $50 per line instead of $60.

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The impact on you at home: The new features will roll out to all current T-Mobile One customers on Friday, February 17. The carrier says current customers can activate the new features inside the T-Mobile app or on the T-Mobile website. The new two line price of $100 per month will also be available on Friday.

In addition to the -like new features, T-Mobile One also offers unlimited calling, texting, and data in Mexico and Canada. , by comparison, limits activity in those countries to 500 megabytes per day.

During times of network congestion, the carrier reduces data speeds to T-Mobile One users who exceed 28GB per month. Verizon says it “may” also throttle during times of congestion after someone uses 22GB in a single month. Like Verizon, you also have to sign-up for T-Mobile’s automatic payment feature to get on T-Mobile One.

Update: This article was updated at 12:46 AM Pacific Time on February 15, 2017 to better reflect the circumstances under which T-Mobile and Verizon will throttle customers on their unlimited plans.

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