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Meizu announces battery breakthrough: A full charge in just 20 minutes

Chinese phone maker Meizu might be better known in the U.S. for its patent fights with Apple than the it makes, but the company is slowly building a name for itself. And while it didn’t unveil a new phone at World Congress this year, it did bring something far more interesting: a charging breakthrough.

Like other handsets, Meizu’s have featured its proprietary mCharge system for years. The most recent version promised to fill up about a quarter of the battery in just 10 minutes, but version 4.0 blows away those estimates (and our expectations). According to Meizu, the 11V/5A charging connector “boasts a maximum power of 55W for an accelerated full charge time of just 20 minutes,” making it the fastest system around.

meizu mcharge2 Meizu

In a press release, Meizu says it has put the technology through the paces and it’s guaranteed to keep the battery safe and cool:

“Super mCharge adopts the Charge Pump Principle, applying only two groups of conversion circuits to directly output half of the voltage. This increases charging efficiency by 9 percent to 98 percent, and ensures stable performance during charging. With Super mCharge, battery temperature tops at 102.2 degrees during charging, resulting in a safer and more reliable charging solution.”

You’re probably thinking, “That’s great, but my battery will only last a few months.” Meizu promises Super mCharge isn’t a cell killer. The company’s tests show that a 3000mAh ATL battery retained more than 80 percent of its capacity after some 800 charge and discharge cycles, giving it a service life of more than two years. Additionally, Meizu says Super mCharge can withstand more than four times the current of an ordinary battery. Like other iterations of mCharge, it will require a proprietary cable and charger to reach top charging speeds

While it has been rumored that U.S. would begin selling Meizu phones in the States, the company didn’t announce any such partnership at .

Speed demon: It’s not entirely clear when Super mCharge will make its way into the first Meizu phone, but it’s hard not to marvel at the technology. It was just a few years ago when we were sitting by an outlet for hours while our phones slowly filled up with juice, but a flurry of quick-charging advancements have dramatically cut down our wait times. And with this newest breakthrough, it might not be long before the size of the battery in our phones isn’t even a concern—as long as we can find a a few minutes to plug in sometime during the day.

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