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Google launches Taste Test site to generate your perfect Android home screen

’s biggest advantage over has always been the ability to customize your and lock screens to your heart’s content, but it’s never been clear just how much embraces it. From stock- Nexus devices to the , has always appeared to keep customization at an arm’s length, treating it as a sort of necessary component in its fight against , but seeming to prefer things the way its designers intended.

But now Google is going all in on Android personalization. A new site called #myAndroid Taste Test helps you find the perfect look to your screen. A simple quiz presents you with 20 multiple choice questions, most of which are an either-or propositions.

The majority of the questions are mindless preferences, like monochromatic or mutlicolor, light or dark, warm or cool, patterned or random, and realistic or abstract, though toward the end it gets a little more specific about your use (whether you mostly you use your phone for messaging, , working, or everything), as well whether you prefer icons that are circles, squares, rounded, or unique. Finally it questions whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or expert Android user and asks you to identify the famous Internet viral pic as a pair of hot dogs or legs.

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Once it calculates, you’ll get recommendations for which wallpapers, widgets, icon pack, launcher, and keyboard to download
, as well as a tidy description of why each fits your tastes and a Store link. You can take the quiz as many times as you’d like, and each tweak will change the algorithm, though interestingly it always seemed to suggest Gboard for your keyboard. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

The Android advantage: Whether you’re a newbie to Android or a seasoned veteran, there are more customization options in the Store than you’ll ever be able to download
. And there may be some great ones that you don’t even know about. Assuming Google keeps up with the latest and greatest tweaks as they arrive, this site could be a fantastic way to find new launchers and widgets. But regardless, it’s great to see Google embracing the uniqueness of Android even as it promotes the joy of stock Android with its .

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