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Google finally lets you save your parking spot in latest Maps beta

is finally starting to understand the headache that is parking. Earlier this year it added a parking availability feature that let you know how hard it would be to find a spot at your destination, but the latest addition to the beta is one we’ve been waiting years for.

has long offered a parking reminder card in Now, but it’s always been kind of flaky (and never really belonged there). With the latest beta, is giving it a new home. First spotted by Police, when you tap the blue location dot on the map you’ll see a new Save your parking option, which will let you chart your position right inside Maps.

Once you tap it, Google Maps will automatically save your current location inside Maps and add a reminder to your notification pane. However, while the location it sets will usually be good enough, you can also jot down some landmarks in a note field on the same screen as well as add a photo. There’s also a timer alert for metered or zoned parking, as well as an ability to share your information, which will send the address, notes, and a link to the location in Maps.

The beta also includes a new weather indicator for transit directions and an updated arrival screen for Auto users. Additionally, Police found a reference to a new sorting tool for searches when conducting its customary teardown. You can sign up to be a Maps beta tester in the Play Store or you can side-load the Google-signed APK from APKMirror.

The impact on you on the road: This is one of the most overdue features in Google Maps, so much so that even Apple has had it in its far inferior Maps app for w while. We don’t know why it took Google so long to add it, but we just hope the beta testing is quick.

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