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Power up: Super Mario Run’s Android release jumps straight to version 2.0

Nintendo fans have been grumbling for months that Super Mario Run has been an exclusive since its launch in December. Now fans can get in on the action too. As promised, Nintendo has released its Mario runner in the Play Store, and there are a couple of surprises in store.

The version of Super Mario Run is identical to the one. It’s free to download
and play, but you only get access to the first few levels. The additional content will cost $10, with no other in-app purchases. In addition to the main World Tour mode, which has 24 levels, (4 each among 6 worlds), there is also Toad Rally and Kingdom Builder, both of which are playable for free. However, purchasing the full version of the game will unlock additional courses in Toad Rally and more building and decorations in Kingdom Builder.

While this is the first release of Super Mario Run on Android, you’ll actually be download
ing version 2.0, which also released in the App Store today. The biggest change is the addition of multicolored Yoshis to use as playable characters. Furthermore, Nintendo has opened up the fourth level to free players who complete the first Bowser’s Challenge. After clearing the fourth level, new courses in Toad Rally and new shop buildings in Kingdom Builder will be unlocked. Nintendo also says it has tweaked some of the gameplay to make it easier for players, in addition to an Easy Mode for younger players.

You can download
Super Mario Run in the Play Store for free.

Game on: The wait is finally over! But more than that, it seems that Nintendo has turned its attention to Android fans. First we got Fire Emblem Heroes on the same day it released to iOS users and now we’re both getting version 2.0 of Super Mario Run as well. Hopefully this is a sign that the two platforms will be treated as equals going forward.

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