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No joke, Google lets you play Ms. Pac-Mac in Google Maps for April Fool’s

April Fools Day is practically a national holiday in Mountain View, so you can expect a series of pranks and jokes over the weekend. But is starting early this year, and everyone can get in on the joke.

Open up your app and you’ll find a new icon above compass symbol that looks suspiciously like an 8-bit Ms. Pacman. Tap it and you’ll be transported to a random location (we were sent to Jakarta, Indonesia, and Munich, Germany) where the roads will be filled with dots and power pellets, and you’ll be able to control Ms. Pac-man as she traverses the streets to eat them. And of course, Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde will be there as well.

maps pac man Greenbot

You’ll get 5 lives to play with, and the game progresses as you remember, with a different fruit on each level (along with the inexplicable pretzel). Game play is exactly as you expect, but swiping to turn up some of the streets can be tricky, especially when they don’t line up just right. Once the game ends you can share your high score with friends.

Google also offered a playable Pac-Man game inside back on April Fool’s Day 2015. 

Game on: Google loves April Fools, and Ms. Pac-Man on Maps is a perfect way to start things off. Besides, after last year’s Mic Drop debacle, perhaps they’re going to play it a little safer this year.

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