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Amazon has dropped the price on SanDisk portable storage

Cloud may be what everyone talks about these days, but USB flash drives and SD cards aren’t dead yet, not by a long shot. If you need to expand the on a tablet or keep some files on your keyring, Amazon’s Gold Box deal today is just the ticket: Select SanDisk products are up to 35% off.

(Note that like with any Amazon Daily Deal, these prices can vanish before the end of the day if supplies run out.)

The standout item among the bunch is a 256GB microSD card for $120, one of the best prices we’ve seen (and the lowest to date on Amazon). Other worthwhile deals are a 64GB USB flash drive for $13 and a 128GB USB flash drive for $25, though some user reviews indicate the latter drive can get very warm due to its compact size.

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As for the rest of the sale, we’d say to wait on any internal SSD purchases. If you have the luxury of time, you can definitely do better when purchasing a 256GB SSD, even given the rising prices of SSDs this year.

SanDisk Cruzer 64GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive Amazon
[ Today’s deal: Select SanDisk products up to 35% off at Amazon ]

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